Strategic solutions with a 360° perspective

Strategic solutions with a 360° perspective

Our approach

Whether you have a simple project in mind or a more far reaching need for change we adopt a tried and tested methodology which sets out the key strategic themes and the more detailed tactics and actions that must be implemented to achieve results.  The output is an action plan to deliver the strategy you have determined.

We work with you to understand where your business is today and where you want to be.  Reviewing your current business model and client proposition, we explore the strategic building blocks you need to put in place.

Once the building blocks are agreed, we create a one page strategy that sets out your objectives, strategic themes and tactical actions to be followed.  This gives you a roadmap for implementation.  From here it is a simple step to create a detailed action plan for all areas of your organisation.

Key to creating the right strategy is uncovering all your stakeholders’ needs, both external and internal. A stakeholder map and engagement plan can be added to ensure that you communicate for success and have the necessary involvement from all those who will make your strategy work.

We can get involved at any stage and can work as part of your implementation team if required.

Specialist areas of expertise:

  • Pensions and investments
  • Platforms
  • Exploiting market change
  • Proposition and product development
  • Marketing and communications
  • Distribution and sales
  • Outsourcing